You need  v1.0.0 to install this update

How to install:
Extract files from Forgotten Garage 3 v1.1.1.rar to Forgotten Garage 3 installation folder and replace ALL files,enjoy!

New: New intro background
New: Backgrounds
New: Speedometer new texture
New: All cars have dirt effect
New: Semir Sport 2007 remake
New: Tornado rust remake
New: Ben Sport 2009 new rims
New: Ben Sport 2009 PRE new rims
New: Semir 2007 new rims
New: Semir new rims
New: Semir Sport new rims
New: Semir Sport 2008 new rims
New: Semir Sport 2008 FA new rims
New: Semir Sport 2010 new rims
Addon: Futo RC rust
Addon: Ambulance
Addon: Hermes
Addon: Ruiner
Addon: Sadler
Addon: Hermes traffic car
Addon: Ambulance traffic car

Forgotten Garage 3 UPDATE 1.1.1 UPDATE1-1-1-PREVIEW

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